Question by Rickie: How can I get more protein and less starch in my diet?
I have been a vegetarian for about a year now and have recently started having health problems. For most meals I eat either french fries, baked potatoes, or potato chips (BBQ or Sour Cream and Onion flavored). My doctor advised me to cut back on starches and try to get more protein in my diet. How can I do this without eating any animals?

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Answer by Thomas
The only way I can say this, eat meat.
Meat is rich in protein. It requires less meat then it does potato chips to fill a stomach.
Oh yeah, and cutting back on potato products. You said you were a vegetarian, so eat thing like carrots spinach and stuff.

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Question by Kiko: To what extent does cooking honey destroy its beneficial health properties?
I’ve been all around the internet and cannot find a suitable answer; from what I’ve read, I’ve seen that heating/cooking with honey (Yes, I’m using the raw variety) negates some health benefits. My main concern is whether or not it makes the honey into a high-GI carb. I want to bake with it as a healthful alternative to sugar, but if the case is that cooked honey is high on the glycemic index, I suppose I’ll have to settle with xylitol or something.

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Answer by Jonah
There is nothing in honey to be destroyed by heat – it’s just sugars. There are no nutrients in honey other than carbohydrate, you won’t be losing anything.

The only thing that will convert the sugar in honey into a higher-GI would be breaking it down with enzymes into simpler sugars – and baking will not due that.

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